Powerful training reporting for your whole organisation can be accessed under the "Overall Training" dropdown in the training menu. Quality Users can see the performance and compliance on an organisation level by document, by group, by employee, as well as other handy information.

Your Training Overview

With the training dashboard you can quickly see your organisations performance and compliance with training for the last 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 Months or for all time.

The Median Completion time is calculated in seconds, from the time the training is assigned to the time the training is completed.

Underneath here, you'll see an export option..

The exported files will contain all information relevant to training, for example training due date. The following groupings are exported:

  • Documents

  • Groups

  • Users

  • Summary

  • Details

Under each, different details are available. You can export your data in  PDF, XLSL or CSV format. 

You'll notice a that information is also arranged on the dashboard in tabs:

Document Tab:

The document tab lists all documents and their current status.

Each of the columns can be toggled to enhance your search.

You can select any individual document to see which users have/ have not completed the assigned training and send reminders to individual users.

Group Tab:

The group tab lists all the groups in your orgnanization and provides details on how they're performing in training. 

You can quickly manage group training- By clicking on the group you will see that groups members & their training status. you can drill down further to see which documents they have yet to train on. 

To Change which groups appear on the Group Tab click here for instructions

Employee Tab:

The Employee tab lists all employees and their current training status.

By clicking on the employee name you can quickly see their individual metrics and which documents the employee has or has not been trained on. Again, you can click through to the document and send a reminder to the employee

Your Training Overview

The training overview allows you to quickly see a summary of your own training for the last: 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 Months.

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