Getting Started

Welcome to Qualio, and to the beginning of your simplified SOP management. This guide is intended for Quality users. You can read more about user roles here

Your Account

Your SOPs are saved in your Qualio system. However, you may wish to add your own documents. Your subscription gives two Quality User licences and 38 Basic User licences. If your pharmacy will require more, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

As a Quality user, you're able to perform the following tasks:

Author, review and approve documents
Manage your organisation training & complete training
Manage your account
Manage your organisation account

Setting up your Account

Once your organisation is all set up, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to set up your Qualio account. It will have a link to account set up.

When you click on this link, you will be asked to provide your name, e-mail address and you'll be asked to set up a password. This sets up your account. 

Once your account has been set up, your e-mail address will be your username.


How to Login to Qualio

Head to and sign in, using your e-mail and the password you have set.


When you log into Qualio, you will see a navigation top bar. Let's work through each section!


Your dashboard shows a snapshot of any outstanding tasks you have yet to complete. A document that you have been requested to review will be here, for example.


This section is where you can work on and read documents. There's two sections- workspace and library.


Your workspace is just what the name suggests. This is the view where you'll be doing your authoring, reviewing and approving of documents. There's two layers of control to this view.  By default the view will be set to "Your documents" As you may imagine,  the  "Your actions" view  shows documents with outstanding actions that you have yet to compete.


This view will show you all the documents that are available. Of course, you will probably have many more than what's on this test account, so let's show you how to find the document you're looking for. You can achieve this in a few ways:

Tags are a super way of organising your work. You can read more about creating tags here

See our guide on How to search for documents for a comprehensive guide on our specific search functions


You'll likely be assigning lots training! See the article here on how to assign training, and how to bulk assign training. Now, back to navigation!

This dropdown has two sections- Overall Training and Your Training Overview.  

Overall Training

In this section, you can quickly see your organisation's training performance. You can view training information per document, by groups and by employees. 

Your Training Overview
This is an overview section of your own training. If you have training assigned to you, see our helpful guide- How to complete training on a document


The reports available to you are as follows:

Activity- The activity report allows you to view actions which have or haven't been completed on documents. For example, you can select "Training" and "Not Completed", to show you a list of documents that training hasn't been completed on.

Periodic Review- This report shows the documents which are due for periodic review, and upcoming periodic review.

Audit Trail- This report logs every activity on your organisation account.

Change Control- The Change Control Report  logs every change to a document in your organisation. 

 Managing your Organisation

This is the settings drop down. Here, you can edit your personal and organisation account settings. Let's highlight some important organisation management tools:

Templates: Templates form the backbone of any documents you create. You can create your own or modify existing templates here.

Tags: Tags can be attributed to documents to help you organise your work, group similar documents and find documents with ease. In this view, you can manage your tags. Read more about this here

Users and Groups: Users and groups management allows you to manage your employees and the groups they belong to. 

In this field, you can add & remove users, and add & remove them from groups. You may wish to group your employees for easy management, e.g pharmacists may be one group, and OTC staff may have their own group. Read more about users and groups management here

Password Expiry You can set passwords to expire after a prescribed time period

Training Settings You can edit training , so that it must be completed after a certain period of time here

Billing You can view your billing and subscription information

Other options

This icon will direct you to our support- Here, you can contact us via chat, or visit our help centre, which is full of useful information. Here you can find help on getting started, how to guides and FAQs.

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