Welcome to Qualio, and to the beginning of your simplified Quality management! This guide is intended to show you the ins and outs of Qualio as a Quality user. 

Your Account

As a quality user, you're the one in control! You have full access to everything in Qualio and the capability to manage all of aspects of your Qualio. An overview of your capabilities include:

Organisation settings management- Including template management, groups management and training settings.
Document management- I.E, you can author, review, approve and retire documents.
Training management- Total control over your organization's training, and access to all training analytics.
Report generation-
Activity, Periodic Review and more.
Personal account management.

Getting Help

We're always on hand to answer your questions, provide support and give advice on setting up your Qualio to suit you. We also have a suite of insightful help documents, and we're always adding more resources to our help centre. You can get help in a number of ways:

In app: Click on the icon as above to access our help centre and our support team. Our help centre has a plethora of helpful information, and you can use a keyword search to ensure you quickly find the most relevant article.

"Contact Support" will open a chat bubble, so you can directly interact with our team.

Email: Email support@qualio.com any time for quick assistance. 

Managing your Organization

Organization settings can be found at beside your organization name at the cog icon. 

You can manage a number of important settings:

Users & Groups: Here you can manage your users & define their groups. The first thing you may want to do is invite users to the platform. Before doing so, it's suggested to read User roles explained to understand what roles to assign. See the following guide Invite new users

Groups are a great way to organize staff. You can organize staff by department, or by projects. You can also bulk assign training to groups, which will be outlined in a later section. Read more in our guide How To: Create & Manage Groups

Templates: You are provided with a set of commonly used templates. However, you can also create and manage your own templates to address the specific needs of your organization. Template prefixes are set at the template level, and template sections can be text area or an attachment. See How to create & manage templates

Tags: Tags are the key to organizing your documents into logical groups. See more: How to create & manage tags

When you log into Qualio, you will see a navigation top bar. Let's work through each section!


Your dashboard is a quick way to see any outstanding actions you have yet to complete. Clicking on any of the actions will bring you to the workspace, where you can work on the documents. You can also quickly create a document or quality event from this view.


This section is where you can work on and read documents. There's two sections- workspace and library. To find a particular document, take a look at our help article How to search for documents


Your workspace is just what the name suggests. This is the view where you'll be doing your authoring, reviewing and approving of documents. Here you can specify that you wish to see all documents, or just your documents.

Let's explain the different statuses documents can be in:

Draft: This is where you can view all your draft documents.

For review: Here, you and your colleagues can review and comment on a document without finalising it. See How to review a document for more

For approval: You can find out all about approving documents in our article How to approve a document

Approval declined

Effective: Effective documents , i.e finalised documents are visible here. 

For Training: Any training assigned to you will appear here. You can learn about how to complete your training in our guide How to complete training on a document

For Periodic Review: A periodic review is a review carried out on a document at regular intervals, for example each month, or each year. You can learn all about periodic reviews in our dedicated guide Periodic Review

Retired: You may retire documents which are no longer relevant. See How to retire a document for more. 


This view will show you all the documents that are available. Of course, you will probably have many more than what's on this test account, so let's show you how to find the document you're looking for. You can achieve this in a few ways:

Tags are a super way of organising your work. Other users will have assigned tags and you can filter by these tags. See more about tag management here

Search: See our guide on How to search for documents for a comprehensive guide on our specific search functions


Training is split into two sections- Overall Training and Your Training Overview.

Overall Training
This section provides an overview of your organization training performance. You can view training on a per document, per group or a per employee basis. You can also export training reports in an .csv or .xls file.

We go into this in more detail in our Training Dashboard Overview

Also of interest is our article How To: Assign Training and How To: Bulk Assign Training

Your Training Overview
This section details all of your training. See our helpful guide- How to complete training on a document

Quality Events

A “Quality Event” is an event that requires a pre-defined action or response and tracking in accordance with regulatory requirements. 

With Qualio, Quality users can create an event, work on associated steps/actions, assign ownership, assign associated steps/actions, sign-off on associated steps/actions, and approve associated steps/actions. 

Everything you need to know about creating Quality Events is outlined in our article Quality Events.


There are four types of reports available. Reports are explained fully in the following articles:

Reports Overview
Audit Trail Overview
Periodic Review
Activity Report Overview
Change Control Report

Other options

This icon will direct you to our support- Here, you can contact us via chat, or visit our help centre, which is full of useful information. Here you can find help on getting started, how to guides and FAQs.

This is the settings drop down. Here, you can edit your personal account settings. Additionally, this is where you will see our product changes. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new features. 

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