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The complete guide of features included in Qualio's Document Editor

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Smartlink to other Qualio documents by @mentioning the document's ID or title, or part of the title, then select from the list of documents that appear. You must enter at least 3 characters after the "@" symbol for results to be populated in the dropdown.

  • Smartlinks will always point to the most recent effective version of the linked document, eliminating the need to update Smartlinks as documents are updated. If the smartlinked document has been retired, the smartlink will direct Quality users to the retired document, but Normal and Basic users will receive an error message indicating they don’t have access to view the document.

  • Document authors can only smartlink to other Qualio documents; events, tasks, etc. cannot be smartlinked in documents.

  • When searching, the user will see a dropdown of 25 suggested documents based on the search term in their ID, title or document type. There could be more than 25 matching documents (depending on the specificity of the search term), but for usability reasons we only show the 25 most recently modified documents in that dropdown. However, if there is a document whose ID, title or type exactly matches the search term it will be included in the 25 suggested documents, regardless of when it was last modified.

    • Example: You have over 150 Policy documents and have most recently updated policies POL-125 to POL-150. But you want to Smartlink to POL-1. Because you specifically typed “POL-1” it will appear in the dropdown even though it has not been updated more recently than other documents meeting that criteria.

Text Formatting

Tool Name





Heading 1

Heading 2

Used for content structure. Also aids the readers, making the content more organized and easier to read.



Use the bold toolbar button or type **text** or __text__



Use the italic toolbar button or type *text* or _text_


Use the underline toolbar button or type `text`

Font Size

Adjust font size to ‘Small’, ‘Normal’, ‘Large’.


Use the strikethrough toolbar button or type ~~text~~


Insert hyperlinks into edited content

Text Alignment




Use text alignment to align the content to left, right and center or to justify it.

Block Indent



The block indentation feature allows you to set indentation for text blocks such as paragraphs or headings and lists.

Font Color

Control the font color. Select from 15 pre-selected colors.

Font Background Color

Control the font background color, similar to highlighting. Select from 15 pre-selected colors.


Select text, then click the button to create a subscript.

Utilized in chemistry and math texts.


Select text, then click the button to create a superscript.

Utilized in chemistry and math texts.

Block Quote

A block quote may be used to refer to what other authors said, support your idea or present different points of view that may not necessarily be in line with the document you write, but should be included.

Remove Formatting

Remove formatting after copy and paste from an external source

List Options

Tool Name




Bulleted List

  • Bullet 1

    • Bullet 2

Insert bulleted lists of different styles. Also called Unordered Lists

Numbered List

  1. Item 1

  2. Item 2

  3. Item 3

    1. Item 4

Insert lists using whole numbers, roman numerals, or letters. Also called Ordered Lists

Section List
(Multi-level List)

The first number in the list is dictated by the Document Section number. The same reference number can’t appear twice. And if you restart a list, it will start at the next reference number.

  • Use Shift Return to create a gap between list items.

  • Cannot have two lists right after one another.

Did you know you can drag and drop content from one section to another?

Document Options

Tool Name





Undo last edit


Redo edits that were undone

Insert Options

Tool Name




Insert Files

Browse for file in the file finder. Files will be hyperlinked, and downloaded when clicked. No restriction on file types. ¹

Insert Table

Insert various sized tables. See Table Options below for more information.

Insert Checkbox²

Insert an open checkbox from the toolbar, then click to mark as completed.

Insert Image

For supported file types, see Image Options and Details below.

Browse for an image in file viewer, or you can drag and drop images directly into the editing area.

Insert Code Block

Insert code block to present programming or software related issues in an accessible, and readable format

Insert Special Characters

Insert characters and symbols that serve a specific purpose, like mathematical operators, currency symbols, arrows, etc.

Insert Page Break

Insert a page break where your cursor is located. This page break will be reflected in the export.

  1. PDFs must be previewed before downloading. Preview will display up to 50 pages.

  2. Checkboxes are not compatible with Firefox.

Image Option Details

Images can enhance documents by including logos, step-by-step visual instructions, etc.. Images can be dragged and dropped onto a document or inserted using the image tool in the toolbar. After adding an image, it can be resized, properly aligned, include a caption, and hyperlinked. Images can have wrapped text to conserve document space. And if a paragraph is needed before or after the image, use the arrow that appears above and below the image when is selected.

Supported image file types:

  • .jpeg

  • .jpg

  • .png

  • .bmp

  • .gif

File Upload Options

While there are no restrictions on the types of files that can be uploaded, the size of the file must be under 100mb. There will be visual indications of in progress, successful and failed uploads. The primary cause of failed uploads is file size. Check that your file is less than 100mb.

File upload is in progress:

File has been uploaded successfully:

File upload has failed:

Table Options

Creating Tables

When adding a table to your document, you will select the number of rows and columns. The maximum number of rows and columns to start with is 10x10, however, you can add more rows and columns as displayed in the gif below. Tables can also be copied and pasted from other sources onto a document.

Add Text Before or After a Table

If you first added a table to a document section, then later realized you could not insert text above or below the table, use the small blue arrow button that appears on the top and bottom of the table to insert a paragraph block, as displayed in the gif below.

Add or Remove Numbering Before or After a Table

If you have a table that is embedded in a multilevel list, we recommend utilizing the arrow buttons described above as well as the increase/decrease indent button to ensure that you can keep your numbering in-line as you intend.

Step-by-Step - Removing the numbering in front of the table within your list

  1. Press the top arrow to insert a line above the table

  2. Backspace/Delete the list number/letter above the table

Step-by-Step - Adding a new line of your list below your table

  1. Press the arrow at the bottom of the table

  2. Press the increase indent button once to continue your list inward (1.3.1. to

  3. Press the decrease indent button once to continue your list in-line (1.3.1. to 1.3.2.)

  4. Press the indent button twice to step back one level in your list (1.3.1. to 1.4)

Column, Row, and Cell Tools

Column and Row tools allow you to make a Header Row or Column, insert, delete, and select row or columns. Cell tools allow you to merge and split cells.

  • To adjust a column width: drag the column bar to the desired width.

  • To adjust a row height: select the row or cell then click the Cell Properties button (far right). Adjust the Dimensions Height fields as needed by entering the pixel dimensions.

Table Captions

Add or remove table captions to display information above the table as displayed in the gif below.

Table and Cell Properties

Adjust properties for the entire table or specific cells like background color, border style, dimensions, and alignment. There are 15 preset colors to choose from, or you can type directly into the color field the RBG or # value (e.g. “#3D4CF2”, or “rbg(61,76,242)”

When editing the border of the table or a cell the Style, Color and Width must be entered for the border to change.

Table Colors

There are 15 preset colors to choose from, or you can type directly into the color field the RGB or # value.

Copy/Paste Tables into Lists

When copying/pasting tables into lists and want the table aligned with the list, do the following:

  1. Copy & paste the table to the desired location in the list. The table will be left aligned to the document, not the list.

  2. Click the button in the top left corner. This will highlight the entire table (in blue).

  3. Click the Numbered List button in the toolbar. This will add a number to the left of the table.

  4. Click the return arrow (⮐) on the top of the table. This will add a line above the table and place the cursor next to the number.

  5. Click the delete button twice. This will remove the previously added number, and align the table in your list.

Still have a question about the editor? View the Editor FAQ article.

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