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Supplier Policy Matrix and Configuration
Supplier Policy Matrix and Configuration

Get Started with Suppliers: Validation and Configuration of Supplier Policy

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
Updated over a week ago

Each organization has a unique supplier policy based on supplier type and risk level, with specific document and audit requirements. With Qualio’s Suppliers, you’ll automate your unique policy to be applied to new suppliers when you add them in Qualio. This innovative feature reduces the need for training as well as human error because it is codifying your supplier policy.

The Supplier Policy Matrix is a helpful visualization of your policy where you can toggle between the Required Documents view and the Audits view.


Before configuring and using Suppliers, customers should validate the feature to confirm functionality matches their user requirements. The latest Validation Pack version is available for download here. Once the Dropbox page is loaded, click the Download button in the top left.

To learn more about Qualio’s Validation Approach, view this article. Otherwise, reach out to our Customer Support Team via the In-App chat.

How to configure your Supplier Policy

The Suppliers tab is available to all Qualio customers on the Starter, Growth, or Plus plans for no additional fee. However, only Quality users can configure the Supplier Policy.

Your Supplier Policy must be configured prior to using any other Supplier features.

From the Qualio Dashboard:

  1. Click the Suppliers tab on the top navigation bar. You’ll be brought to the Suppliers List tab.

  2. Click the Configure Policy button on the Suppliers list tab or the Configuration button on the Policy tab.

  3. Configure each policy category (Supplier Type, Risk Level, Document Type, and Audit Type) using either the available template or create from scratch options. Add, edit, or remove options to match your organization’s supplier policy.

  4. Browse to the Policy tab to view your Policy Matrix, then edit each box in the matrix to specify which documents and audits are required for each Supplier Type and Risk Level.

Once configured, your Supplier Policy will dictate what documents and audits are required for new suppliers you add to Qualio based on the type of supplier and risk level.

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