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Suppliers Overview
Suppliers Overview

Automate your teams’ supplier management activities, ensuring compliance and quality across your supply chain.

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
Updated over a week ago

With Suppliers, your team can configure your supplier policies directly in Qualio, automate approval workflows, perform audits, and download your Approved Supplier List (ASL) in one easy-to-use product. This feature is available to all Qualio customers on the Starter, Growth, or Plus plans for no additional fee.

We know that, historically, buyers have struggled with a prolonged supplier qualification process, reviews, and audits. This results in delayed engagement with suppliers and increased risk to product quality, delivery schedule, processing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and product cost. Additionally, both ISO and FDA regulations require organizations to have supplier management processes in place. In these contexts, Supplier Management consists of not only external sourcing and relationships but internal documentation and supplier evaluations.

With Qualio's Supplier feature enabled and configured, customers can experience:

  • A unified supplier management product that eliminates the need for manual data collation, saving your team time to market

  • Customized policy configuration that guides the users through mandatory steps based on Supplier Type and Risk Level, and keeps your team compliant

  • Ability to perform and store audits within each Supplier profile

  • Download Approved Supplier List (ASL) in one click

Watch our recorded customer webinar, with Product Manager Selma Purica, to learn more about Qualio's Suppliers!

A Note on Validation

With the launch of the Suppliers feature, we are also excited to introduce a new approach to validation, by providing a fully automated Validation package which will provide you with all the test evidence directly, thus removing the need for additional testing on your side.

Qualio is utilizing our own Design Control feature to meet traceability of user needs, to function, to testing of these needs. With the FDA’s and other regulatory agencies’ “Least Burdensome Approach” in mind, these automated tests are being leveraged to support the validation of these new features.

For more information and resources on validating this new feature, view the Supplier Policy Matrix and Configuration article.

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If you are ready to get started, you’ll first need to configure your Supplier Policy. Then you can begin adding and managing your individual suppliers. View the articles below for detailed steps and best practices.

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