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Instructions for Trainees on how to complete assigned training

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
Updated this week

If you’ve been assigned training in Qualio and are new to the Qualio platform, you may have some questions about the different types of training, how to complete your training assignments, and how to see your training progress.

How You’ll be Notified

Users will be notified of assigned training by email. Your organization determines how long trainees have to complete training assignments before they are considered overdue. You’ll get additional email notifications on Mondays if you have outstanding training coming due in the next 10 days and up to 9 days after a training is marked Overdue. (You can and should still complete overdue assignments even if you will no longer receive email updates.)

How to Complete Training

Use the link in the email notification, or open Qualio and the Dashboard will display any outstanding training (and other actions) for you to complete. Use the type filter to display only Training if a targeted list would be easier to view.

There are two types of training:

  • 2-Step Read & Acknowledge Training
    Carefully read the document, then sign-off that you’ve read the document using your digital signature.

  • 3-Step Training Assessments
    With this type of training, document authors have created an assessment, or quiz for trainees to complete to confirm knowledge retention. After reading the document, you’ll need to answer each multiple choice question with 100% accuracy before signing-off with your digital signature. Retaking the assessment is allowed.

Tip: Sometimes document owners will update documents that you’ve previously trained on and may require re-training. If you’ve previously read a document it can be helpful to know “What has changed”. Use the Compare against button at the top of the document to highlight changes against the most recent version. Click here for more details. Or view the change control report where document owners keep track of document modifications.

Your Training Overview

Want to see your training progress over time? Click the Training tab in the top navigation bar, and select Your Training Overview. Each assigned training document will be listed.

Identify Training to be Completed

Uncompleted training can be identified using the Completed column; sort the column and look for a status of “No” or “Overdue”. Then to complete a listed training, click on the document. By default users will only see their assigned training. Check the box ‘Include Full Training History’ to see training records either unassigned or records that have been superseded by another training document version and training record.

Export Training Report

Users can export their individual training report to a PDF, CSV, or Excel file for their records. The report will display a helpful “Reason” column that details if the training assignment is new, previously completed on a former version and did not require re-training, or if the new document version does require re-training.

However, the exported file will not display unassigned UNCOMPLETED training. If training was completed before being unassigned, then the date and time the training was completed will remain on the report.

Next Step

Now that you know more about training, go to your Qualio Dashboard to get started!

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