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Product updates on a fixed release cadence with validation time built-in

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The challenge: As a software company we have an innate desire to constantly release features as soon as they’re ready. This matches the agile development method product and engineering teams are familiar with. But that philosophy clashes with a quality professional’s requirements to manage change control.

The solution: Launch Trains. Qualio now releases product updates on a fixed cadence to provide predictability for customers and continue to deliver key product innovations.

Bi-Monthly Release Cycles

Qualio will batch net-new features and feature enhancements into a single Launch Train with a Production release date every other month. Customer communication will begin the month prior to release and can include emails or in-app notifications to Quality Users or all users, the Qualio Customer Newsletter, product release webinars, etc.. Additionally, release notes will be posted to the Qualio Help Center in advance of the release.


The Launch Train accommodates the 30-day validation period required for impacted features. When applicable (if the feature will impact a customer’s process), new feature updates will be released to all customer sandboxes first to facilitate validation activities. Then, at the end of the 30-day validation period, the features will be released to all Production accounts.

When validation is necessary we support our customers with updated Val-Packs, Qualio policies, and other relevant validation items from Dropbox and our Help Center. When we update our features as part of a Launch Train we update the val-packs. But we also update our documentation from time to time for minor corrections causing the val-packs to be updated for “admin” issues.

2023 Launch Train Schedule

The Qualio product team has identified the following dates for 2023 launch trains. Changes to these dates will be reflected in Release Notes. Should a discrepancy in dates arise, the latest Release Notes will supersede this article.

Launch Trains

30 day validation period starts

Validation period ends

Launch Train 1

Tuesday, Mar 21st

Thursday, Apr 20th

Launch Train 2

Tuesday, May 16th

Thursday, June 15th

Launch Train 3

Tuesday, July 11th

Thursday, Aug 10th

Launch Train 4

Tuesday, Sep 12th

Thursday, Oct 12th

Launch Train 5

Tuesday, Nov 7th

Thursday, Dec 7th

Product Change Log & Version Numbers

Product changes are meticulously logged and available to all users from the gear in the top navigation bar. A green dot appears when an unseen update is available to that specific user.

Below is an example of a non-bug update which includes details of what is being updated, the environment (sandbox or production) and if validation is recommended. When applicable, we provide the link to available validation packs.

The Product Change Log is also where you can find the Qualio version number. The example above displays a version of 23.0123.10, which can be translated as follows:




Jira / Internal tracking number

23 (2023)

01 (January)



If you have further questions about Qualio’s Launch Trains, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team via the in-app chat.

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