Supplier Analytics

Use real-time data to monitor the health of your Suppliers and stay on top of audits.

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Availability: Supplier analytics are available to customers with price plans that include Suppliers and when the Quality User has had Suppliers user permissions enabled.

Suppliers Analytics data is refreshed daily meaning any updates made to supplier records will be reflected in Supplier Analytics at midnight UTC.

Current pages and graphs:

Status Overview Sheet

Status Breakdown

See how your team is progressing with the management of their supplier records. Click on the chart to see the breakdown of each status by supplier type.

Analysis Tips:

  1. How many suppliers created in the past 12 months are pending review?

  2. How many suppliers have been approved in the past 12 months?

Audits Sheet

By Time

Determine if audit timelines are being met to help ensure the accuracy, quality, and relevance of your supplier records. You can select a bar to adjust to different time granularities.

By Sponsor

Identify potential issues that may be hindering the timely completion of audits, such as resource constraints or workload distribution.

Analysis Tips:

  1. Are there any sponsors with overdue audits? Is the cause of these audits overdue documented anywhere?

Process Efficiency Sheet


The rate at which supplier records are being approved by your team. Gain insight into the effectiveness of your team's supplier management process.

Cycle Time

The time taken from supplier record creation to approval. Ensure that documents are moving through the review and approval lifecycle swiftly by identifying delays and addressing bottlenecks. Select a bar to adjust the time granularity.

Cycle Time by Duration

Cycle Time by User

Trends Sheet

Suppliers Created

Track supplier creation activity to quickly uncover emerging patterns. Use the top filters to see specific supplier types.

Open Actions Sheet

By User

Track pending supplier approvals to improve collaboration and ensure records are processed in a timely manner.

Supplier Performance

You can now explicitly link Events to Suppliers in the Qualio platform to simplify workflows and have robust, automated reporting and analytics, including for supplier performance monitoring and critical procurement decisions.

Event templates will now have a configurable field named “Suppliers.” If the field is marked as “visible,” the events under that template will include the supplier lookup as part of their Event Properties area

Event owners can then link one or more suppliers with an issue of that type. Once linked, supplier tags are clickable, allowing users to navigate from the event to the supplier’s profile.

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