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Understanding the different User Roles, Permissions, and Special Access for Users

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User Roles

Every Qualio user must be assigned a user role when added to Qualio. The role can be modified at any time by a Qualio Administrator. There are three User Roles in Qualio: Basic, Normal, and Quality. These roles have incremental access to Qualio features and functionality.

Additionally, Billing and Admin access can be granted to any user in any role.

Administrative Permissions

Document Workflow Permissions

1: Draft must be owned by user trying to access it

2: Co-approval (at least one Quality user is mandatory)

3: Only if they are the document owner

Training Permissions

1: Only documents they own.

Events Permissions

1: Configurable on a per-user basis, regardless of user role, by a Qualio Administrator (Click here for more details). Listed permissions in the table are the default settings once enabled.

2: Co-approval (at least one Quality is mandatory)

3: Normal and Basic users can change ownership in events if the “Create and Manage Event Templates” is enabled by the Admin user

Suppliers Permissions

1: Co-approval (at least one Quality user is mandatory)

Reporting & Analytics Permissions

Design Controls Permissions

1: Only Reviews they own.

2: Once approved, Reviews cannot be edited or deleted.

Admin Role and Permission

The Admin Role, released in Q4 2022, addresses the distinction and needs of Quality Teams and IT/Operation Teams. Quality Teams need access to workflow management settings, like templates and tags, while IT/Operation Teams need access to User Management settings. Previous to the new Admin Role, all these features were listed in the Organization Settings, which meant either IT/Operation users were granted access to settings they didn’t need, or Quality Teams had to manage users as well as their document stack, quality events, suppliers etc.

With the Admin Role comes a new Admin Settings Page. This is the new home for User Management where administrators can invite or remove users, add or delete user groups, and manage user properties like role and user group access.

These updates grant customers flexibility to designate administrator responsibilities to people outside their quality management function. It also sets Qualio up to pursue future functionality that promotes self-service and autonomy among our customer base to configure Qualio features.

Grant Admin Access to a User

During Qualio Onboarding and during initial feature launch, Qualio Customer Success (CSM, Onboarding Manager, or Support) will need to enable select users with Admin Access. From there, the administrator can grant Admin access to other users.

Admin Access can be granted when inviting new users.

  1. Click the gear icon in the top navigation bar and select Admin settings from the dropdown.

  2. Select Users on the left-side menu.

  3. Click the Invite user button.

  4. Enter the user’s email address, modify the User Role (as needed), and check the box for Admin Access.

  5. Click the Send Invitation button.

Admin Access can be granted or removed from an existing user.

  1. Click the gear icon in the top navigation bar and select Admin settings from the dropdown.

  2. Select Users on the left-side menu.

  3. Identify the user, then click the expansion button and select Edit User.

  4. There you will see the same modal as above and can check or uncheck the Admin Access checkbox. Then click Save.

From the Users page, you can see at a glance who has Admin Access in the far right column.

Billing Access

The Billing Access permission is available on a per-user basis. Quality users have the ability to opt themselves or other users (Normal and/or Basic Users) in or out of access to the Billing Page. If Normal or Basic users are granted access, they will see the Organization Settings option from the gear icon in the top navigation bar, but will only be able to access the “Billing Page”.

To grant / remove access to the Billing page:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top navigation bar and select Admin settings from the dropdown.

  2. Select Users on the left-side menu.

  3. Identify the user then click the expansion button and select Edit User.

  4. Check or uncheck the Billing Access checkbox as needed. Then click Save.

From the Users page, you will see which users have access to Billing in the far right column.

Change User Permissions - Events and Suppliers

Event Permissions management empowers Qualio administrators to edit the Events module access for individual users within their company without the need to contact the Customer Success team. Administrators can grant users permission to:

  • View events

  • Create events

  • Work on existing events

  • Create and manage event templates

Qualio Administrators can also adjust Supplier permissions for their users. Granting access to the Suppliers feature will allow the user to the feature’s full functionality, which includes:

  • Configuring the Supplier Policy

  • Managing the Approved Supplier List (ASL)

  • Supplier Audit Activities

Note: Only plans that include the Supplier feature will have this option available to enable. If your plan does not include suppliers, this option will not appear while editing a user in the Admin settings.

Enable Events and Suppliers: A Qualio Admin user will need to enable permissions for new users. To modify a user’s Event and Suppliers permissions, Administrators will edit a user record as described above, scroll down to the bottom of the page and adjust user permissions accordingly. (See screenshot below.)

Here is some additional information regarding administrators managed Event Permissions.

  • (Footnote 1) Only Administrators with enabled access to the Events module can grant Event permissions to other users within their organization. Qualio Customer Success will grant initial Event permissions to selected users during Onboarding.

  • The Events feature is not available to customers on the Starter pricing plan.

  • All newly added users, regardless of user role, have no access to Events. Administrators must adjust permissions manually for new users.

  • The View Event permission must be enabled first before enabling other event permissions

  • When a user changes roles, the Administrators are given the option to change the permissions to the default of the new role or keep the existing custom permissions/deviations in the user’s profile. This does not apply to deleted users.

  • Changes to a user’s event permissions are logged on the Audit Trail.

  • Non-Quality users can be granted permission to manage templates. In which case, they will see the Org Settings menu option but then only see the Quality Events tab under the Org Settings menu.

Qualio Controlled Permissions & Access

The following features are exclusively controlled by Qualio in addition to Beta features not listed. For access to these features, contact the Qualio Support Team via the in-app chat.

  • Access to Design Controls

  • Access to view and upload to the Migrations Manager

  • API Access

  • Access to 3rd party Integrations

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