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Periodic Review Overview
Periodic Review Overview

Qualio allows you to manage the periodic review on the documents in your account in a simple and efficient manner.

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How to check what documents need to be reviewed

Quality users can check what documents need to be reviewed up to 180 days in advance by going to:  Reports > Periodic Review

If the review of a document is overdue, you’ll see a warning below the next review date
The documents are sorted by upcoming review.

Additionally, Quality users can see which documents are due for review in the next 30 days via Workspace > All documents > For periodic review

Note: Only periodic reviews due within the next 30 days will be displayed in this view. To see the entire list of periodic reviews, use the Periodic Review Report.

Canceling Periodic Reviews

If it’s determined that an update is needed to a document that’s currently out for periodic review, the review in progress can be canceled by the document’s owner. To cancel the review, follow these steps:

  1. As the document owner, navigate to the document that’s currently out for periodic review via the Workspace or the Periodic Review Report (if a Quality user).

  2. Click the document to open it.

  3. In the upper left hand corner, click the ‘Cancel periodic review’ button.

  4. You’ll be presented with a pop-up modal that will allow you to re-select whether or not the document needs to be updated.

    Note: if ‘No’ is selected, an approval will still be sent to confirm the cancellation.

Periodic Review FAQs

  • Do periodic reviews apply to retired documents?

    • No. Periodic reviews will not apply to retired documents.

  • Can an approver of a periodic review cancel the review?

    • No. The approver should decline the approval so the owner can make any necessary changes.

For instructions on how to complete a periodic review please see: 

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