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How and when to complete Periodic Reviews of Documents

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As organizations change, so will their policies and procedures. Effective documents can be updated, or up-versioned at any time, but it is helpful to have a reminder for busy team members to periodically review their effective documents.

During document creation, the setting for “Review Period” will be auto-populated based on the document’s template. It can be adjusted from "none" to 84 months on a document-by-document and revision-by-revision basis, and it is based on the date the document was made effective.

Identify Documents for Periodic Review

Document owners will be prompted from their Dashboard of documents ready for Periodic Review starting at 30 days from the due date.

Document owners receive email notifications of upcoming Periodic Reviews starting 10 days from the due date. These will be combined with other noteworthy updates in the Weekly Digest email.

Quality Users can also use the Periodic Review Report to view documents in the library coming up for review in X number of days.

NOTE: Only Document Owners can complete periodic reviews. However, Quality Users can change ownership to themselves or someone else to complete the review.

Additionally, Quality Users can leverage Qualio Analytics to view upcoming, due, and past due periodic reviews.

Complete a Periodic Review

Once you’ve identified and opened the document, and you are the document owner, start the periodic review process by clicking the Start periodic review button.

A prompt window will appear and ask if the document needs to be updated or not.

YES, the document needs to be updated.

Select the “Yes” option and click the Create new version button. You can then edit the new draft created as you would any other new document.

NO, the document does not need to be updated.

Selecting the “No” option will expand the dialogue box to capture additional information.

  • Comments are optional, but highly recommended to support your Document Change Control record.

  • Specify when the next periodic review will be due using the dropdown.

  • Adjust document approvers as needed, then click the Send for approval button.

  • The standard Document Approval Workflow will be initiated.

Comments provided on the Periodic Review form can be viewed by approvers on a special Periodic Review tab when they open the document as well as on the Audit Trail report.

Next Step

If you’d like to learn more about the Periodic Review Report click the button below.

Or, you can learn about the final step in the Document Lifecycle, retiring old and irrelevant documents by clicking below.

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