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How to Store Outside Training Records in Qualio
How to Store Outside Training Records in Qualio

Information on how you can store records for classroom-style training, competency training, and more!

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While Qualio makes it super easy to track training on documents in the system, sometimes there's a need for external trainings in a classroom setting, competency training, or other non-document based training. As a Qualio user, you have a few options at your disposal for handling these type of training records:

Creating a "Training Record" document template

For information on how to create and manage a document template in Qualio, click here.

The Training Record can be as simple as just an attachment section to upload PowerPoints and sign-in sheets, or can be more complex with a full meeting minute-esque form to fill out:

Once all information is added and filled out, assign the employees who attended the in-person training as trainees and this will act as their affirmation of completed training.

This is a good option for annual training that takes place in a classroom setting. Creating a Training Record also allows you to add an assessment, if desired.

Create an Employee File

Similar to the Training Record, you can create a template for individual employee's training information where you can add in any certifications they receive. This is a nice option if you'd like to keep all of an employee's information in once place (general information, job description, CV, certifications, etc.).

If more sensitive information is planned to be stored in this file type, we recommend implementing the use of restricted tags.

Historical Training Records

If you would like to have historical training records available in Qualio (anything prior to your migration into Qualio), you can attach these directly to procedures themselves as attachments, or use the Training Record method mentioned above.

Historical training records cannot be entered into the Qualio training module retroactively, so these documents should be stored until the Qualio version of the document is trained on, or uploaded into Qualio as a document.

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