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Effectively use Tags to manage Documents and Events

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Tags are a useful feature to identify Documents and Events, but can also be an important component of your Qualio Document, Training, and Event Strategy, if applied thoughtfully.

At a basic level, Documents and Events can be tagged to quickly search for and identify certain types of Documents and Events. More dynamic than a simple folder structure, where content can only exist in one folder, multiple tags can be applied to precisely identify what you are looking for.

At an advanced, strategic level, Documents and Events are tagged to reveal or restrict content to different types of users. Combined with User Groups, “restricted” tags can restrict access to only users in the specified group. For example, you can have a public “HR” tag for Human Resources related policies, but you can also have an “HR - Restricted” tag for Employee Record Documents that should be restricted to just the Human Resources Team. Effective tagging means that each team member can easily find and access only the HR Documents they should have visibility to. Learn more about restricting access with Tags here.


  • There are no limitations on the number of tags that can be created in your organization.

  • There are no limitations on the number of tags that can be applied to a document or event.

In this article, learn about:

How to Access Tags

Only Quality Users have access to Tags because they are managed in the Organization Settings.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the top right corner of Qualio, and select Organization Settings.

  2. On the left-side menu, select Tags.

Create and Modify Tags

Hint: Before creating new tags, consider your overall tagging strategy including Document and event visibility.

  1. From the Tags page, click the New tag button.

  2. Enter the Name of the tag. (Letters, numbers, symbols, and emojis can be used in the tag name.)

  3. IF you are creating a Private Group/Tag to restrict Document access, then select the Group(s) from dropdown that should have access to the content.

  4. Click the Create Tag button.

Tags can be modified by clicking on the tag in the list.

Add or Remove Tags from Documents

Tags can be applied to Documents during initial creation or editing by document authors, or added later by Quality Users via the Workspace. Tags can be applied to a single Document or en masse (bulk) from the Documents Workspace. It is especially helpful to use the Documents Workspace tag assignment feature to apply tags to Effective Documents because otherwise, editing an Effective Document’s properties will require a new draft, review, and approval cycle…just to add a tag!

Steps to add or remove tags from a single draft document:

  1. Browse to the draft document from the Documents Workspace and change to Edit mode.

  2. On the Properties tab, add or remove tags using the Tags dropdown. Then click the Done editing button.

Steps to add or remove tags to multiple documents:

  1. Browse to the Documents Workspace.

  2. Identify which documents should be updated - select the document status or "All documents" if needed.

  3. Check the box next to one or more documents.

  4. Click the Manage Tags button and select or unselect the tag(s) as desired.

  5. Then click Apply Changes.

Tags and Training

You may be thinking that tags would be great to manage your training - tagging which documents should be assigned to which users. However, Qualio has a feature called Training Plans that can take care of assigning training for you without needing to implement any extra tags.

Note: Adding a tag to a document will not assign training to a user.

Add or Remove Tags from Events

Tags can be applied to Events during initial creation or added later, by the Event Owner. When editing an Event, select the relevant tags from the Tags dropdown.

Delete Tags from Qualio

Deleting tags from the Organization Settings will remove tags from all Documents and Events. Tags can be re-added, but then must be re-added to Documents and Events manually. That is to say, permanently deleting Tags from Qualio should be cautiously considered as it cannot be easily reversed.

Steps to permanently remove a Tag:

  1. Navigate to your list of tags via the Organization Settings.

  2. Click the tag name of the tag you'd like to remove.

  3. Click the "Delete" button.

  4. You’ll be prompted to confirm you want to delete the tag. Click Yes to confirm and continue.

Restricting Access to Content with Tags

Applying a restricted tag to a Document or an Event will grant access to the users added to the associated group. A restricted tag can be linked with multiple groups. Without a restricted tag, content is ‘'public' and viewable by all users.

Step 1: Create a User Group

In Admin Settings, navigate to the Groups page on the left-side panel. Check the list of existing groups and, if necessary, create a new group by clicking the Create New Group button.

Step 2: Create a Restricted Tag

Follow the instructions above for creating new tags in Qualio. Be sure to indicate the User Group that will have access to this tag.

Step 3: Add the Restricted Tag to Documents & Events

Follow the instructions above to add Restricted Tags to Documents and Events. It’s that simple.

Contractor/Auditor Solution

We often get asked how to limit documents and event visibility for contractors or auditors. Use and adapt the solution steps below to understand document and event visibility and manage your documents’s visibility for these non-employee use cases.

Solution Steps

Step Details

1. Create an “Employees” user group or individual department user groups.

Add all employees to the “Employees” group, or if using individual department groups, ensure that every employee is appropriately added to a department group.

2. Create a restricted “Employees” tag.

If using individual departments to group employees instead of the “Employees” group, be sure to add all departments to the Restricted Tag during setup.

3. Create a “Contractor X” user group

Invite the contractor to join your instance of Qualio and assign their user to the “Contractor X” group.

4. Create a restricted “Contractor X” tag.

Assign the “Contractor X” user group to this restricted tag.

5. Tag all documents that should be visible to employees with the “Employees” tag.

Bulk assign tag from the Documents Workspace.

6. Tag all documents that should be visible to the contractor with the “Contractor X” tag.

Bulk assign tag from the Documents Workspace.

Note: Any Effective document WITHOUT any restricted tags will be visible to any user from the Documents Library or Workspace.

Qualio Tag Strategy

A successful tagging strategy can lead to a better user experience and greater Qualio adoption. Consider the points below when building out your Qualio Tag Strategy.

  1. During Qualio Onboarding, create a matrix to brainstorm and identify Document and Event tags by department, content, locations, product, SKUs, etc. Clearly identify which tags will be restricted.

  2. Build and leverage the restricted tag functionality early.

  3. Perform regular tag audits to ensure documents and events are being effectively tagged with relevant tags, and to consolidate or remove unused tags.

Next Steps

With an effective tagging strategy in place, you are now ready to either start creating Documents or Events. Where do you want to go next?

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