Transitioning to the New Document Editor

Instructions and details for transitioning to the new editing experience

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
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Qualio is very excited to announce our new document editing experience! We know that savvy users rely on editing, formatting, and collaboration features in other document editing platforms like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, to customize content and streamline productivity. With the new editor, Qualio can provide customers with that same experience.

Take a minute to explore some of the new editor highlights, or jump ahead to the transition process for details on what to expect.

New Editor Highlights

Viewing, Editing, Suggesting, & Commenting

Users now have an option to “suggest” edits to a document. Suggestions are either highlighted in green for additions, red for subtractions, and blue for formatting changes. Suggestions can be commented on and either accepted or rejected. This update also means the old Edit button is now a dropdown option for users to select what mode they would like to use.

Adding and replying to comments is easier now with in-line commenting. To learn more about these new collaboration features click here.

New Editor Toolbar & Features

Not only does the toolbar look different, it behaves better because now it will always float along with you as you scroll down a document. The floating table of contents is also new to help users quickly navigate to different sections of a document.

Here are some other highlights and links to get more information:

  • New Tools like font size, scientific characters, block quotes, code blocks, and find and replace make customizing your document even easier. Get details here

  • Tables can now be copied and pasted from other documents to a Qualio Document. You can now also adjust color, borders, alignment, and column width. Learn more here

  • Images can now be dragged and dropped onto a document, can have wrapped text, and include captions. Learn more here

  • Attachments are now inline and can be placed anywhere in a document, not just in “Attachment” section types. This changes the previewing and downloading behavior. Get details here

  • Export Options now include a choice of portrait or landscape orientation and gives you the option to include a cover page, or not. Learn more here

  • Section List (multi-level lists) are now more robust, using the section number as the first number. Get details here

Note: HTML code view and editing is no longer available, as most functionality is now available within the editor.

Document Templates

Lastly, we’ve made changes to document template navigation and user experience to match other Qualio features. Document templates now sit under the Documents Tab. Quality users are still the only users that will see this option. (The Change Control template remains unchanged in the Organization Settings.)

Template creation and editing is now broken down into a four-step process. Template preview has also been updated. Get details here.

These significant updates to navigation, usability, and collaboration have created a better foundation for the Product Team to springboard from so they can continue to deliver more customer feature requests. If you have a feature suggestion, you can submit it to Qualio via the in-app chat.

New Editor Transition Process

When the new editor is activated, customers can expect the following behavior for both document templates and documents in different phases. If customers experience alternate behavior or have questions about intended functionality, please contact the Qualio Support Team.

Document Templates

  • All templates will be automatically converted to the new editor

  • We recommend that you plan to review all templates when the new editor is enabled and make any necessary formatting changes

    • Multi-level lists are a key area to look out for as many bugs have been fixed, which can cause the list to display differently

  • All templates can be previewed and edited using the new step guides

  • Attachment sections are converted to Text sections. Existing attachments will be converted to inline attachments and link to the content.


  • New documents (version 0.1): All new editor functionality described above

  • New Drafts created from a Major version (minor version x.1) documents:

    • New toolbar and collaboration functionality will be present

    • Potential formatting differences will be revealed, especially if HTML code view was previously manipulated

    • Multi-level lists are a key area to look out for as many bugs have been fixed, which can cause the list to display differently

    • Attachments previously added will still appear in their designated “Attachment” section

  • Existing Drafts documents:

    • Drafts will maintain the old editor and existing comments unless converted to the New Editor.

    • If converted to the new editor, comments on the Document tab will be removed. Comments on the Change Control and Properties tab will remain as they are.

  • Documents in For Review or For Approval status:

    • These documents remain in the old editor with existing comments intact

    • If a document in For Review or For Approval is reverted back to a Draft, it can then be converted to the new editor to engage the new toolbar and collaboration functionality.

How to Convert Draft to New Editor

When a Draft document is opened/viewed, it will display the old editor. Document Owners can select to convert their draft documents to the new editor following the instructions below.

BEFORE CONVERTING, please be aware of the following:

  • Existing comments on the documents tab of the draft document cannot be migrated to the new editor and will be lost if you proceed with the conversion to the new editor. Comments on the Change Control and Properties tab will remain as they are.

  • Once converted, the draft cannot be reverted to the old editor. This is a one-way conversion.

  1. Click the More Actions button.

  2. Select Upgrade to new editor option.

  3. Confirm the action and impact to existing comments by selecting the Yes button.

  4. Once converted, you’ll see the options to View, Edit, and Suggest in the top left corner of the document.

Formatting Items to check when reviewing Templates and Documents

  • Multi-level lists - we have fixed several issues with multi-level lists which may result in list numbers changing

  • Headers can’t be in multi-level lists

  • Formatting previously changed using the Codeview

When copying/pasting tables into lists and want the table aligned with the list, do the following:

  1. Copy & paste the table to the desired location in the list. The table will be left aligned to the document, not the list.

  2. Click the button in the top left corner. This will highlight the entire table (in blue).

  3. Click the Numbered List button in the toolbar. This will add a number to the left of the table.

  4. Click the return arrow (⮐) on the top of the table. This will add a line above the table and place the cursor next to the number.

  5. Click the delete button twice. This will remove the previously added number, and align the table in your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what version of the editor I’m using?

    • Old editor looks like this:

    • New editor looks like this:

  • What is NOT in the new editor toolbar that was in the old editor?

    • HTML / code view. If previously created documents were modified using the HTML / code view tool, especially to add page breaks, this may present formatting issues and those documents should be carefully evaluated.

  • Is the new editor in other Qualio features like Events?

    • No. Currently the new editor is only launched for Document Templates and Documents. However, we are working on plans to bring the new editor into Events and other areas of Qualio

  • Why were new customers given access to the new editor before existing customers?

    • New customers, starting September 2022 were given access to the new editor because they had no draft documents and therefore, had no impact to enabling the new editor in their production accounts. Also, additional time was needed to ensure the transition process for existing customers was as seamless as possible.

  • What happens to document sections that were designated for attachments?

    • Existing attachment sections will be automatically converted to text sections and all attachments will be converted to inline attachments and link to the content as expected.

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