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Customer Webinar - Our Approach to Validation
Customer Webinar - Our Approach to Validation

Kelly Stanton, Dir of Quality, met with customers October 25, 2022 to discuss our new validation methodology

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
Updated over a week ago

We recently hosted a customer webinar with our Director of Quality, Kelly Stanton to discuss our new approach to validation. Curious customers joined to learn more about why the market has changed and what our customers can expect for Qualio Validation Support.

UPDATE: Please be aware that there are some minor changes to our recommended Validation execution process as well as the Validation Resources folder structure since the date of the webinar. You can review a brief explanation in the March β€˜23 Launch Train release notes.

(Recorded October 25, 2022. Runtime 29:46)

Webinar Questions & Answers

Check out the questions and answers generated during the webinar on our
​ Qualio Validation FAQ article.

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