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Migration Best Practices, Q&A and Webinar
Migration Best Practices, Q&A and Webinar

Gather some tips and tricks for effective migration strategy and execution

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In February 2023, our Customer Success team hosted a Tips & Tricks webinar to discuss common themes of the migration process including the migration process if you have documents to migrate or are planning to use Qualio+ content.

(Recorded 2/22/2023. Runtime 36:23)

Migration Best Practice

Upload policy, procedure, work instruction, etc. documents to the Migration Manager in an editable format and not password protected.

If the document is not editable (ex: PDF) it will delay the migration project while onboarding managers convert to an editable format, if possible, or it may be migrated as an attachment. If the document is password protected, the file upload in the Migrations Manager will fail because the system will be unable to access and read the document.

Organize your documents into similar groups and prioritize the migration order of the groups.

We recommend using multiple ‘folders’ or ‘migration projects’ to cluster your documents into manageable groups. This allows the Qualio teams to cycle through one folder at a time and more quickly transfer ownership to you and your users while we move onto the next migration folder/project.

Rename files in the Migration Manager to the NEW naming convention BEFORE the final approval.

Many customers find that uploaded files come from many sources and have a wide variety of naming conventions including prefixes, versions, dates, etc. that no longer need to be included because Qualio will take care of the versioning and ID numbering.

Migration - Q&A

  • When can I begin migrating?

    • You can begin to collect documents and strategize migration phases during the Orientation phase of Onboarding, so almost immediately after the sales contract is signed when you get access to your sandbox. However, the actual document migration phase (upload files, create mass templates and documents) cannot begin until you have access to your Production account which occurs during the Kickoff phase. A formal Migration phase follows, where your team and our team focus on creating templates and migrating the documents necessary to your success.

  • How will my documents look after they are migrated?

    • We will work with you through the migration process so you know exactly what to expect with the final output. As this is the start of your journey with a brand new eQMS, the formatting may not be exactly the same as in Word or Google Docs. This is to be expected, which is why we work collaboratively in the Prepare status to keep things close to the original format.

      The Qualio Onboarding team will ensure that all document formatting is completed and all smart links are added for references before transferring to the designated owners.

  • Can documents be migrated into my sandbox as well as my production Qualio accounts?

    • Qualio doesn't usually offer this service, because it is redundant and resource intensive. You'll need to discuss with your Onboarding Manager if you have a use case.

  • Will my documents be secure in the Migration Manager?

    • Yes. The Migration Manager is a feature within Qualio and therefore adheres to the same security as the other Qualio features.

  • Do I need to Validate the Migration manager?

    • No. The Migrations Manager functions as an internal tool.

  • Can effective forms be migrated into Qualio?

    • Yes. A simple ‘Forms’ template can be created with a section for attachments. Then a new document will be created for each form and the effective form will be attached. The same is true for Drawings. Click here to learn more.

  • What special characters are not able to be used in file names that are being migrated?

    • If you encounter this error please notify our Support Team. This can be forwarded to our engineering team and added to the list of allowable characters.

  • Where may an existing Qualio user find the migration manager?

    • It is under the documents tab but needs to be enabled for the user beforehand. This can be done through the in-app chat or asking your Onboarding Manager directly.

  • What is the largest number of documents the onboarding manager can help migrate?

    • Usually we prefer to work with ‘buckets’ or ‘folders’ no larger than 300 documents. However, there are no limits, just best practices.

  • Should we take ownership of the documents and assign them to our account users in order to complete migration?

    • You should not take ownership of migration documents. Your Onboarding Manager is responsible to transfer ownership to you once the document formatting team has completed their obligation of formatting your document. (ex: add smartlinks to other documents, move content to correct header, etc.) Reach out to your Onboarding Manager to discuss the timeline for changing document ownership.

    • The last step of migration is for customer users to review and approve documents within Qualio.

  • Does it matter if a document is saved as .doc or .docx format?

    • No. As long as the document is not password protected and editable.

  • If we had more documents to migrate after the initial process of migration, can the migration manager help or are there charges?

    • Yes, the migration manager can be used to assist with future migrations after onboarding. Reach out to your CSM or Support team to begin the process of scoping your project and identifying what assistance you will need.

    • For Qualio+ customers, reach out to your Quality Specialist if you would like to add more Qualio+ content. Depending on your contract, they can advise next steps.

  • Is Qualio+ cash flow / commitment per month, per hour of support, per document?

    • This depends on your contract. There are annual services as well as hourly consulting available. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in learning more.

  • How many files can I upload using the Bulk Import feature?

    • You can upload up to 50 documents simultaneously using the Bulk Import feature. All documents must use the same template. You can bulk apply Quality Approvers, or you can individually select an approver document-by-document using the 3-dot menu ().

  • What upload options do I have using the Bulk Import feature?

    • The Browse option allows users to choose from files saved on their computer. If the OneDrive integration is enabled, an option will be displayed, and you can bulk import directly from the drive.

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