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Migrations Manager - Start to Finish
Migrations Manager - Start to Finish

Detailed steps to create and complete a document migration project using the Migrations Manager

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
Updated over a week ago

This article details each step of the migration process for non-Qualio+ content, meaning the customer has their own documents and wants to migrate them into Qualio. If you are a Qualio+ customer wishing to import Qualio+ content, you'll work closely with your Quality Specialist to select and customize those documents.

For a 30,000ft view of the migration process and other migration details, check out the Migration Manager Overview article.

Create a Migration Project

  1. Click the Documents tab in the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Migrations Manager. If you don’t see the option, contact support via the in-app chat or at

  3. Click the Create Migration button in the top right.

  4. Provide a Migration Name. (Ex: SOPs and WIs)

  5. Update the Change Control Statement. This will be the V1 Change Control statement on every related document in the migration and visible on the Change Control report.

  6. Click Save.

If you want to update this Change Control statement after the migration is created, click the “Edit” button. This can be edited at any time before the migration has been approved.

Uploading Files

To begin uploading files, access the appropriate migration (aka folder, project, mini-migration) by clicking on the View option on the far right.

Note: Multiple migrations may be listed in the Migrations Manager. Consult with your Onboarding Manager which migration to use if multiple migrations have been created for a phased-approach migration.

You can then drag and drop files to the gray box or click the box to open a file browser. You can upload multiple batches of documents by continuing to drag and drop files to the gray box until all of your files are uploaded.

You can view the upload progress to confirm files are uploaded successfully. If any issues occur, the system will indicate which file(s) had a problem. Contact your Onboarding Manager to resolve the issue.

Once your upload is complete, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.


If a document is locked and password protected, the Migration Manager will be unable to read and import the file. You can either unlock the file before uploading or it can be migrated as a hyperlinked attachment.

What if I forgot to upload a document?

Documents can be added to a migration throughout the Upload Files and Prepare Migration statuses. To add another document, open/view the migration then scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the Previous button, and you’ll see the gray drag and drop box once more allowing you to add files for upload.

Once all of your files have been uploaded, alert your Onboarding Manager so they can begin to assess your documents and to proceed forward in the migration process.

Preparing Migration

File Evaluation & Strategy Collaboration

Once your documents have been uploaded to the Migrations Manager, the Qualio team can begin evaluating the files to determine:

  • Which document templates and/or event templates need to be created. Templates will reflect the structure of your existing documentation.

  • What prefixes each type of document will have

  • What types of form templates to build and what they'll look like. Depending on the forms, we may recommend using an event template. Click here to learn more about forms as Events in Qualio.

  • Which template should be assigned to each document or if the document is an attachment to another document.

Your Onboarding Manager will report back to you their recommendations for the items listed above. This is a collaborative process between you and your Onboarding Manager to set up your organization/eQMS for long term success. Communication during this step is essential and can be done during calls or asynchronous using task notifications.

Extracting Content

Qualio allows you to decide how you’d like to migrate your content into the system. With the column labeled “Extract Content,” you can determine if you’d like your content to be converted into a document that can utilize Qualio’s in-app editor, or if you’d like to maintain the file type with Upload Format.

Select the Extract Content checkbox to fully convert to an in-app editable document, or unselect to migrate using the Upload Format.

Need some best practice guidance on how to migrate your documents? Check out our Document Creation Options and Best Practices article.

Assign Owners & Approvers

While you are either waiting for your Onboarding Manager to review the uploaded documents, or during the strategy collaboration back-and-forth, you can proceed by adding owners and approvers to each document.

  1. Start by right-clicking on a listed document or you can bulk select multiple documents using the checkbox on the far left of the document, then right-clicking in any blue space.

  2. Select Set Owner / Set Approver as needed.

  3. Select the name of the document Owner/Approver from the available list. (Multiple Approvers can be selected as needed.)

  4. Click Save.

What if I don’t see the correct team member in the list?

This could either mean the user has not been added to your Qualio Production account, or they aren’t in the Normal or Quality User role. If you see a name but it is grayed out, that means the user has not accepted their invitation to Qualio yet.

Your Onboarding Manager can help add the user, or you can use the instructions found here to add the user yourself.

Create and Assign Templates

Once migration strategy collaboration is complete and agreed to, your Qualio Onboarding Manager will create the agreed-upon document and event templates and assign to the related documents. This is an onboarding service we provide to our new customers. This helps to streamline the migration process. Future migrations with existing customers will be scoped and determined who is responsible for creating new templates.

TIP: While your Onboarding Manager is creating and assigning templates, customers can begin training on document management and quality events in Qualio so they will understand how, why, when, and where to build document and event templates.

Documents will initially be listed under Unassigned [template], representing that the document is not yet linked to a template. Once a template is assigned it will appear under that template’s name making it easy to visually see and confirm that documents are assigned the correct template.

Additional File Options

There are additional file options to optimize your file organization available by right-clicking on a file or selecting the three-dot menu on the far right. These options give Onboarding Managers and customers greater control over the final result and clarify for the Qualio migration team what is expected for each migration project and file.

TIP: You can also control the organization of documents by dragging and dropping documents to rearrange the order and thereby the Document IDs.

Insert Placeholder Document Above/Below

  • These options are available if document ID numbering needs to be maintained.

  • Example: you have three SOPs and SOP-2 has been made obsolete. You could insert a placeholder between SOP-1 and SOP-3 to maintain the document IDs from your current QMS.

  • To delete placeholders, right click and select Delete

Rename File

  • Change the file name. This will be the new document title in Qualio.

Mark as Approved / Clear as Approved

  • The Approved? checkbox can also be manually checked

  • Automatically approve a document during the migration process. Otherwise documents will need to be approved using the standard Qualio approval workflow which captures the approvers digital signature and logs to the audit report.

  • Note: This should only be used for documents that are attachment-only.

  • Example: drawings.

Mark as Do Not Import / Clear as Do Not Import

  • These documents will not be migrated into Qualio.

  • Examples: Templates that have been transitioned into Qualio templates and forms that are no longer needed.

Mark as Document Content / Clear as Document Content

  • If the content / text / data of the document will populate the text sections of the new document, this should be checked.

  • If unchecked, the document will be migrated using the Upload format. Usually reserved for a record type document or big tables in excel with calculations

  • If the document is an attachment that should be added to another document, the Content? checkbox should be cleared and the document should be attached to a the parent document. (See Attach To)

Attach To

  • If the document is an attachment to another document, select the parent document using this option.

  • Example: Attaching an Appendix to a procedure document.

Set Approvers

  • Assign approver responsibilities to Normal and Quality users in the system.

Set Owner

  • Assign ownership of the document in Qualio.

Change Migration

  • Select and move the document to an alternative migration.


  • Delete the document from the Migrations Manager.


  • Download the document to your computer.


  • Preview the document in the Migrations Manager. A slide open page will display the current document

  • Note: Excludes some file types.


Before moving to the Review status, and before the migration can be scheduled, customers are responsible to review and check the following:

  • Review all templates created for the migration.

    • Document Templates can be accessed by clicking the Documents tab and selecting Templates from the dropdown.

    • Event Templates can be accessed by clicking the Events tab and selecting Event Templates from the dropdown.

    • Review prefixes associated with each template and document or event type. Click to learn more about document prefixes and event prefixes.

    • NOTE: Templates will not include specific document content. They only represent the base structure and settings of that file type. Click here to learn more about Templates vs. Documents.

  • Confirm documents have been assigned the correct Template.

  • Confirm document owners and approvers are accurate

  • Confirm documents are ordered correctly via the document ID

Once your initial review is complete, click the Next button. Your migration will advance to the Review status and present a Read-Only view of the migration. Check everything one more time and if everything looks accurate notify your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Representative via email or using notifications to authorize the Approval. In rare situations, customers are granted access to the Approve button.

In Progress

When a migration advances to the In Progress status, it’s an indication to the Qualio team that you have approved the project’s current state and the migration has started. Once the migration has finished, the Qualio team can add the migration to the queue and begin formatting any documents that were marked to have content extracted.

During this formatting, a member of the Qualio team will ensure that all document structures are correct and all Smartlinks have been added to reference other documents. Only then will they transfer document ownership to the designated user on your team.

How long will this process take?

That depends entirely on the number of templates that will need to be created, and the number of files and file complexity included in the migration. However, we strive to get customers through the migration process within a couple of weeks. Your Onboarding Manager will keep you updated on the timeline. In the meantime, you can proceed to complete training tasks for Documents, Events, Training, etc.


The migration status will transition to Complete once the Migration Manager has finished moving documents into the system. However, this does not indicate that formatting is complete, and you should stay in touch with your Onboarding Manager for the formatting status.

The new documents will appear within the Document Workspace as Drafts and will follow the document lifecycle like any other document created in Qualio. The Document Owner will need to:

  1. (Optional) Per any regulations, Reviews are not mandatory but Approvals are. If the customer would like to first collaborate with teammates on any of the documents before approving them, they will need to add reviewers to the document then send the document for review.

  2. Send the document for approval. This ensures that each document is approved with e-signatures, included in the Audit Trail, and following change control requirements.

  3. Eventually you will discuss with your Onboarding Manager a training strategy, potentially implement Training Plans, and assign your users training assignments. However, this will most likely happen later in the Onboarding project.

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