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As a new customer, Qualio is committed to providing you with a smooth and resource rich onboarding experience. This article series will walk you through the critical self-guided orientation and onboarding steps. But if you have questions at any point, please do not hesitate to contact us using the in-app chat button at the bottom right of the Help Center or within the Qualio application.

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Sometimes it’s helpful to see the big picture before you get started.


Onboarding Qualio starts with a Self-Guided Orientation Phase and relies heavily on this Implementation Guide. It will present information to help you make important decisions - decisions we need to know before we can assign a dedicated Customer Onboarding Manager.

The good news is you set the pace for completing the critical objectives and we’ll meet you at the finish line when you’re ready. And if you get stuck, you have access to our Onboarding Team to help guide you.

Critical objectives of the Self-Guided ORIENTATION PHASE:

  1. Access your Sandbox environment.

  2. Decide your Validation method. (Validation does not need to be completed.)

  3. Start to gather documents for migration.

  4. Complete Onboarding Questionnaire(s)


After the self-guided orientation phase, you’ll meet your dedicated Customer Onboarding Manager and will discuss with them your chosen validation method and procedure. Click here to learn more about your options. Your selection will largely determine how long this phase will take. Additionally, your Onboarding Manager will confirm your business objectives and project timeline with you. And they’ll make sure you and your project team members have access to your Production environment.

Critical objectives of the VALIDATION PHASE:

  1. Meet your dedicated Customer Onboarding Manager.

  2. Access your Production environment

  3. Finalize the project plan and what features to implement.

  4. Validate Qualio software to your organization’s specification.


Your Onboarding Manager does most of the heavy lifting in this phase. Once you’ve collected and uploaded your files to the Migration Manager, we’ll get those documents added and formatted in your Production account. The number of documents you have and their complexity determines how long this phase will take. But we have some best practices to get you started quickly and keep things moving so that you can get value out of Qualio as soon as possible.

Critical objectives of the MIGRATION PHASE:

  1. Policy, procedure, and work instruction documents have been added to Qualio.

  2. A game plan for additional records and other documents has been created.


This phase is a combination of strategy discussions with your Onboarding Manager and self-service videos. Core feature and functionality training is available on our Help Center and we recommend you watch those first to become familiar with the application. Then participate in strategy calls with your Onboarding Manager to discuss how you’d like to implement different features of the application based on your newly acquired knowledge.

Critical objectives of the TRAINING PHASE:

  1. Watch training videos for: Organization Settings, Documents, Events, and when applicable Suppliers and Design Controls.

  2. Attend calls with your Onboarding Manager to finalize the build out of your Qualio environment.

You might be wondering how long will Self-Guided Orientation & Onboarding take? The answer is largely up to you. In 2022 we averaged 8 week projects, but that includes the industry shift in Validation methodology. We are optimistic that more customers will be familiar with our Validation recommendations in 2023 and cut way down on Onboarding time. So let’s get started!🚀

Psst…As soon as you have access to your Sandbox, be sure to login every few days so you see next steps, reminders, and information.

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