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Getting Started with Your Sandbox
Getting Started with Your Sandbox

Qualio provides a sandbox environment for you to learn and test – worry-free!

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Qualio captures many system activities in the audit trail to help you have clear visibility regarding what’s going on in your system. While this is great for overall system maintenance, testing or experimentation for new processes or features could result in some clutter.

To ensure the integrity of your audit trail is maintained in your production instance, we provide you with a sandbox environment to carry out any activities without the risk of affecting your production audit trail.

Because Qualio is multi-tenant, the sandbox provides a functionally like-for-like environment to your production instance that could be used to benefit your team through hands-on experience.

Sandboxes can be easily identified with the banner at the top

What should I use the Sandbox for?

Initially, the main point(s) of contact for implementing Qualio will be invited to the sandbox to complete the Self-Guided Orientation. During this period of sandbox usage, the POC will be familiarizing themselves with Qualio and its available features - inviting users, creating sample documents and templates, etc.

Once orientation is complete and you’ve met your Customer Onboarding Manager (COM), your sandbox can be used to test out templates for documents or events. You may occasionally use your sandbox environment to work through potential options based on your documentation so you can get a “real feel” before creating anything in your production instance.

Once onboarding has been completed, the sandbox will still be available to utilize as you wish. Whether developing a new process, beginning the implementation of a new Qualio feature, or expanding your business, the sandbox will always be a valuable tool for you and your team to develop your QMS. Some customers even choose to use their sandbox for end-user training during the Launch Phase of Onboarding. Talk to your COM about this training option and how to maximize the end-user experience.

Additionally, the sandbox is a great place to participate in any announced beta sessions! Help guide the improvements in Qualio by getting hands-on experience with upcoming feature releases and providing feedback directly to the Qualio team - all in a completely safe environment.

What isn’t a Sandbox?

It’s important to remember that your sandbox is not a staging environment. Anything that’s built in the sandbox will need to be copied into the production instance manually. There is no existing functionality to push information from the sandbox into production on demand. Using the sandbox as a staging environment will result in duplicate efforts by your team while building your eQMS.

While there may be situations where this could be appropriate, our ultimate recommendation is to treat the sandbox as an opportunity to explore Qualio.

Switching between Qualio Instances

For users who have access to both instances, you can easily switch between them while you’re logged in.

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