During the Sales process you may have discussed topics like Validation, Migration, and what features you would like to implement. If you did, that’s great! You'll be able to breeze through the Orientation Phase. But if you’d like to take a second look, below are recommended resources. If you’d like to discuss any of these topics you can chat with our Onboarding Team via the in-app chat; we simply ask that you read the materials below FIRST.

Preparing for an eQMS Onboarding

Watch this recorded Webinar to gain insight into what Qualio onboarding experts describe as game changers for your Onboarding experience. After watching, you will:

  • understand who should be on your project team

  • know when to use your sandbox vs. production environment

  • have tips on how to prepare for your document migration

Decide Validation Method

During the Self-Guided Orientation phase, you’ll need to make a decision on how you’d like to validate Qualio. Your decision will affect your project timeline and therefore who will be assigned as your Onboarding Manager. You have two options:

  • Option 1: Use Qualio’s validation support resources that follow CSA guidelines, including suggested validation process documentation and test evidence (videos and images)

  • Option 2: Perform your own validation of Qualio

If you’ve never validated software before this can be an overwhelming choice. Luckily, we’ve got a ton of great information for you. Begin with the Validation Overview. This will guide you through Qualio’s validation approach and rationale, plus prepare you on what to expect for validation support.

Option 1 is our users’ preferred choice because:

  • Documentation creation is taken care of by the Qualio team - all you need to do is to review and approve it.

  • Review of this documentation can begin after the kickoff meeting and can be completed in as little as one day.

You always have access to the validation documentation for the most current features - there is less work for you as the system is updated.

Gather Documents for Migration

During the Migration Phase of your project, your Onboarding Manager will help you import your documents into Qualio. But you should start to gather and prioritize your documents NOW. Be sure to look and gather from all your document locations/sources:

  • Shared company, department, project drives and folders

  • Dropbox, Sharepoint, other cloud storage

  • Your harddrive, thumbdrives, physical files

  • Existing QMS

Your Onboarding Manager will evaluate your documents and you’ll work together on a migration strategy. Learn more about the Migration process from the recorded webinar and Q&As on this article.

Access to your Sandbox

Two weeks before your Subscription Start Date, a member of the Onboarding Team will create a sandbox for your account. Invitations will be sent to users who participated in the sales process. Check your inbox for a Welcome email. If you have not received a Welcome email, are within two weeks of your subscription start date, and would like access to your sandbox please reach out to Qualio Support via the in-app chat.

Your sandbox is the perfect and safest place to explore features. Sandboxes are not connected to production environments and will therefore have no impact if you want to try a few options before committing to a final strategy.

Self-Guided Orientation Phase Action Items:

  1. Decide who from your team will be part of the Qualio Onboarding project.

  2. Accept your sandbox, login and keep checking back for updates and messages from the Onboarding team. All orientation activities will take place in your sandbox.

  3. Decide if you will use Qualio’s validation approach or you’ll perform validation on your own.

  4. Think about what documents you want to migrate. Begin to organize and prioritize. Your Onboarding Manager will help with everything else.

  5. Complete your Onboarding Questionnaire(s). Our Onboarding Team will send the questionnaire(s) to the main point of contact. The questions and answers help us to understand the scope of your project and get an Onboarding Manager assigned to your project.

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