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Use real-time data to encourage positive training behavior

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Availability: Training analytics are available to all customers.

Customers may notice that the training metrics in the Training module (Training Overview) and the metrics in the Analytics module don’t always align for a given period, such as a 6 month period for example. This is because the Analytics data counts months as full months (example: all of January through all of June) whereas the Training module counts months as 30 days each. The Training module metrics/graph will be updated to match the Analytics data in future releases.

Training Analytics data is refreshed hourly meaning any updates made to a training record, including assignment and completion, will be reflected in Training Analytics within an hour of the change. However, the one exception is Training Plan data is updated daily at midnight UTC.

Current pages and graphs:

Status Overview Sheet

Status Breakdown

See how your team is progressing with their assigned training. Click on the chart to see the breakdown of each status by document type.

Analysis Tips

  1. In the past 6 months, how many training assignments have been made?

  2. How could you find the training breakdown for the Sales and CS groups?

  3. You want to gather data for a meeting that only contains training assignment information for Q1 of 2023. How would you limit data to only this time frame?

By Group

See training distribution among groups. Quickly identify any groups that may be having trouble completing training before the due date. Note: Hidden Groups / tags are currently displayed in Analytics.

Analysis Tips

  1. Are there any particular groups that have more training coming due than others? Should any reminders be sent out to ensure that training metric goals are maintained?

  2. We see that there is one group that has overdue training assignments. Is there an action that can be taken to ensure that training notifications aren’t missed? Should this group be monitored to make sure that overdue training doesn’t become a trend?

By Training Plan

See the distribution of training assignments by training plan. See if any plans are trending towards having documents due or overdue.

Analysis Tips:

  1. Are there any plans with an extraordinary amount of training to complete? Is there any potential to break these plans into smaller plans to send training to more specific groups of employees?

Percentage Completion by Trainee

View training completion metrics by individual users. The bar chart is sorted with the lowest completion percentage at the top making it easier to identify individuals that need to complete training.

Analysis Tips

  1. We can see that 2 employees are at 0% completion for training - why? Are they out on parental leave? Are they brand new employees that haven’t begun QMS training?

Due and Overdue Sheet

By Time

Encourage the timely completion of training to prevent compliance risks, quality issues, and employee dissatisfaction that can arise from delaying training.

Analysis Tips

  1. There’s currently an assignment that had training due in June 2023 and is now overdue. A Quality user should dig into the Training Overview and further investigate where the issue lies.

By Trainee

Equip your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their roles effectively, leading to improved product quality, reduced errors and increased job satisfaction.

Process Efficiency Sheet


By analyzing the rate at which training is being completed, you can identify opportunities to enhance training efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and improve performance evaluation, enabling you to optimize your training programs. Chart displays the count of completed training assignments, regardless of assignment date and compares it against the rolling average completion count.

Cycle Time

The time from assignment to completion offers insights into employee engagement, workload management, and process efficiency, enabling informed decisions and improvements. Chart displays the average number of days it took to complete a training when the completion date falls in that month.

Analysis Tips

  1. In the example image, notice that January 2023 has an average completion time of 35 days, which means many trainings were assigned in December, but because they were completed in January, that is where the data point is displayed.

  2. Did our April social campaign to complete training quickly work?

Cycle Time by Duration

Analyzing by group allows you to identify variations in training completion based on different roles, departments, or teams. Note: Hidden groups are currently displayed in Analytics.

Analysis Tips

  1. Which user groups are currently taking the longest to complete training?

Cycle Time by User

Allows for personalized training support, performance evaluation, and identification of skill gaps, leading to employee engagement and satisfaction.

Trends Sheet

Training Assigned

Tracking the volume of training assigned over time aids in effective resource planning, workload management, and evaluation of training programs.

By Document Type

Ensure efficient delivery of training programs tailored to different training types.

By Group

Enable efficient resource allocation tailored to each group needs, helping identify group-specific training requirements and ensuring that the necessary support is provided to meet those needs. Note: Hidden groups are currently displayed in Analytics.

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