New User Guide: Quality Users

A first look and Setup Guide for new users in the Quality User role

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
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Welcome to Qualio!

This is your first step to learning your new cloud-based Quality Management System (e-QMS). This guide will introduce you to Qualio as well as detail what first steps to take as a new user.

First, take a minute to watch the Video Guide below so you can better understand your role and what features you’ll be able to see and use as a Quality user.

Step 1: Account Setup

When you are added as a user, you’ll receive an email inviting you to set up your Qualio account. Click the link in the email to accept the invitation. Next, complete the simple form:

  • Your name (as you want it displayed in Qualio)

  • Your company email address

  • A new password (must contain at least eight characters, one uppercase letter, and one numeral). This password will be part of your digital signature.

Step 2: Log In to Qualio

Open a web browser and go to If Single Sign-On is enabled for your organization, sign in with SSO/SAML. Otherwise, use your newly created password to log in.

If you’ve forgotten your password, use the Forgot Password? link.

Before moving onto Step 3, bookmark for quick access next time!

Step 3: Take a Look Around

Now it’s time to explore the different features of your e-QMS.

  1. Dashboard: Your dashboard is a quick way to see any outstanding actions you have yet to complete. Clicking on any of the items will bring you to the workspace, where you can review and approve documents. From the Dashboard, you can also quickly create a document or event using the blue Create button.

  2. Org Selection: From this dropdown, you can select to work in your sandbox or production environment.

  3. Settings: Here you can access your Account Settings, Organization Settings, and view product updates.

  4. Support & Help: You can get help by clicking the question mark button. This will give you access to our Help and Support centers. We’re always available to answer your questions, provide support and give advice.

  5. Documents, Training, Events & Reports: We’ll discuss these in greater detail below.

Note: If you logged into Qualio for the first time using Single Sign On (SSO), click the gear icon to navigate to Your Account Settings and set your timezone.

Step 4: Explore the Documents Library & Workspace

Qualio provides an integrated digital repository for your entire documentation stack. Your organization’s documents are standardized with templates, while compliance is automated with lifecycle management and e-signatures.

  • Library: View all currently effective documents for your organization in the Documents Library. Because this can be an overwhelming list of documents, use the Tag filter or search bar to look for specific documents.

  • Workspace: As a user in the Quality role, you have the ability to create, review, and approve documents. The Documents Workspace is where you will do that.
    There are two layers of control on this view. 1) At the top, you can filter by Your documents, Your actions, or All documents. 2) On the side, the different phases of a document are listed. Toggle between the options on the top and side to find what you are looking for.

Since this is intended to be a quick introduction, we highly suggest you view other articles and resources before creating a new document. You can start by looking here.

Step 5: Explore Your Personal & Company Training Overview

With Qualio’s e-QMS, admins can easily assign training based on roles and responsibilities, so you may already have training assigned to you! Automatic emails and reminders will be sent to users when a document is ready for training, all in an effort to ensure organizations stay compliant.

Overall Training: View your entire organization’s training performance. You can view training on a per document, per group, or per employee basis. You can also export training reports in a .csv or .xls file.

Your Training Overview: Get to work on the training that has been assigned to you. Your goal is 100% completion status.

To complete training:

  1. Click the item from the Training tab

  2. Thoroughly read the entire document

  3. Complete the assessment

  4. Lastly, signoff using your email and Qualio password as your digital signature

To learn more about Training in Qualio, go here.

Step 6: Explore Events

Because quality teams need established and controlled procedures for detecting and stamping out defects and weaknesses, the Events module allows you to:

  • Log newly identified quality events

  • Complete actions to resolve events

  • Assign actions to other team members to complete

  • And sign-off team member actions

As a Quality user, you have access to create and manage event templates from the Organization Settings. Then, from the Dashboard or Events page, users can create new events using the templates.

For more information about Events, start here.

Step 7: Explore Reports

Quality users have access to organization level reporting to help them understand current status or provide documentation for audit and regulatory purposes.

  • Activity Report: View documents grouped by status (for review, for approval, or for training) and completion.

  • Periodic Review Report: View a list of documents coming up for periodic review in 7/30/90/180 days.

  • Audit Trail: View entries of all auditable actions within your Qualio account with user details, date/time stamp, and IP address.

  • Change Control Report: View all change control notations for all documents.

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