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Training Overview
Training Overview

Qualio’s training management solution for your organization’s documents

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Many quality teams today struggle to know whether their colleagues are up-to-date on the latest procedures and training requirements. The challenge becomes even more complex with disparate training tools, in a remote environment, or on a paper-based system. Quality managers run around to gather training signatures without complete confidence in their organizational compliance.

With Qualio’s cloud-based quality management system, you can assign training based on roles and responsibilities, including in-line assignments.

Build training workflows for newly approved documents, send reminders automatically, and generate reports showing training status to ensure you stay compliant.

Training Assessments

Document authors can choose from two types of document training:

  • Read & Acknowledge: 2-step process that requires the trainee to read the document, then apply their digital signature.

  • Assessments (quiz): 3-step process that requires the trainee to read the document, complete the assessment, then apply their digital signature.

If you are a trainee and ready to complete your first training, click here for instructions and tips on completing training.

If you are a document owner and ready to add training assessments to your documents, the Manage Training article has details on:

Training Plans

Qualio is excited to introduce Training Plans as its newest training feature in a line up of training and workflow automation functionality. This new and innovative tool allows Quality Users to automate training assignments of multiple documents to a group of users, saving Quality Teams administrative time and reducing human error.

Training Reports

Understanding the state of play with your organization’s current compliance status is a vital requirement for quality teams – especially as an incoming audit gets closer and closer on your calendar.

By centralizing all training activity, Qualio allows at-a-glance visibility of training completion status for individual documents, by groups such as departments and teams, and for individual users.

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