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Reports & Analytics Overview

A compilation of Qualio reporting and analytics functionality

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This is an overview of the reports currently available on the Qualio Platform. For more information on any of the reports listed below please see the link to the detailed documentation for each report.


With the training report users can quickly see their performance and compliance with training. Quality Users can see the performance and compliance on an organizational level by document, by group or by employee. See Training Dashboard Overview


The Activity reports allows the Quality user to get an overview of any outstanding actions due/completed within the account. Activities include training, reviews, and approvals. Email reminders can be sent from this report. See our Activity Report Overview

Periodic Review

Whether it be for legal reasons or due to FDA/ISO requirements, specific types of documents need to be reviewed at a set cadence. Qualio allows you to set this cadence by document type or document-by-document basis. See our Periodic Review Overview

Audit Trail

The audit trail automatically records a list of auditable actions taken within your Qualio account, with the description, date, and time of the associated actions. See our Audit Trail Overview for detailed information.

Change Control

The Change Control Report records all open and closed document Change Controls. See our Change Control Report overview for detailed information.


Analytics allows Quality users to view a detailed picture of features within Qualio, such as Documents, Training, Events, and Suppliers. See our Analytics Overview for detailed information. Specific features can be found below:

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