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Available integrations and related documentation as well as what’s coming soon!

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
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How many different systems do your colleagues log into each day? And as a quality professional, how do you get visibility of the activity in each application? Modern life science organizations now rely on a bewildering number of tools and applications. And needless to say, the more complex and varied this web of platforms and systems gets, the weaker and riskier your compliance becomes.

Qualio has developed an extensive integration strategy to resolve these issues for our customers by integrating with your most important apps, so you can spend less time on manual tasks and more building a single source of truth.

Currently Available Integrations

Just as some applications only serve one purpose and some serve many functions, so do integrations. Qualio aims to help customers get the most out of integrations by automating as many processes as possible. Below you’ll find the list of currently available integrations and the major functions they connect to like: SSO, Design Controls, Quality Events, and Training.



Design Controls

  • Asana + Design Controls
    Stay on track by automatically collating product requirements ready for review, plus approve and generate trace matrices in Design Controls.

  • Azure DevOps + Design Controls
    Eliminate silos between your engineering, product and quality teams by syncing artifacts, reviews and approvals between Azure DevOps and Design Controls

  • Jira + Design Controls
    Easily collate product requirements, review test cases and generate trace matrices.

  • TestRail + Design Controls
    Enable your engineering team to stream test data into Design Controls, make approval and product trace matrices in a single click.

  • Xray + Design Controls
    Use Xray with Jira? Build Xray test cases and run tests, and see them instantly synchronize into Qualio Design Controls. One dedicated, compliant source of truth for your product design and development.

  • Zephyr Scale + Design Controls
    Relate test cases to Jira Epics and Stories using Zephyr Scale and have them synchronize with Design Controls.

Quality Events


  • ComplianceWire + Training
    Automatically push new and updated Qualio documents straight into ComplianceWire for training. Ditch duplicate training work and be confident in your workforce’s competence and compliance.

Qualio’s Public API

In addition to the in-built integrations above, you can use our API to seamlessly create your own integration with Qualio’s training and document management.

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