Help Center Release Notes - June 2023

What changed in the Help Center last month and what changes were minor/major?

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As a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, Qualio releases major and minor changes to features and functionality on a semi-regular basis. Product Release Notes are available within Qualio by clicking the gear icon and viewing Product Changes. Additionally, Quality Users are notified by email of major changes that require a 30-day validation period.

The Qualio Help Center is updated to reflect new features, bug fixes, knowledge gaps, and best practices as features are released. These Help Center Release Notes are provided to Quality Teams as a helpful reference for what has been changed in the Help Center the previous month. While some customers create separate (and detailed) work instructions for their users, we recommend “least burdensome approach” by referencing article URLs.

Each listed item will be ranked with Qualio’s proposed impact on customer documentation. However, customers should carefully consider each item based on their documentation and what they believe needs to be updated or added. Each item will also be flagged as a new article or updated article.



No Impact

No perceived impact to customer documentation.

Low Impact

Low chances that customers have previously documented features, but may need to be clarified.

Moderate Impact

Likely that customers have documented functionality, but changes won’t immediately affect end-users. Potential documentation changes can be logged for next review.

High Impact

Changed or new functionality which immediately impacts end-user experience. Documentation changes should be immediately considered.

New & Updated Articles

    • Added clarification about how the Company Training status is calculated

    • No impact

    • Updated dead link to live link

    • No impact

    • Added table of tasks to complete during Orientation for clarity

    • No impact

    • Clarification statement added describing the consolidated VAL- document in the Dropbox Folder for each Launch Train

    • No impact

  • Switching Between Qualio Accounts

    • Removed duplicate article

    • No impact

  • Document Editor Functionality Highlights

    • Removed article as all information is available in other articles

    • No impact

    • Info box removed from top of article describing initial Admin Role release

    • No impact

    • Replaced outdating migration information with current processes; removed outdated Onboarding Index link

    • No impact

    • Added callouts to feature enablement via Admin panel

    • No impact

    • Added a section of common form use cases for each type of form

    • Low impact

    • Updated Collaboration FAQs for the addition of comment history

    • Updated permissions table to include comment history

    • Removed previous statements that comment history is not maintained

    • Added Comment and Suggestion History section including functionality gif

    • Low impact

    • Added Analytics to permissions tables

    • No impact

    • Clarification and screenshot added regarding template updates and resolutions

    • No impact

    • Included updated UI screenshots and added a section on canceling reviews

    • No impact

    • Updated language around where to access upcoming supplier audits

    • FAQ section updated to current onboarding procedures and email notifications

    • No impact

    • Screenshots updated to reflect current UI options

    • Added section addressing tags and training relationship

    • Low impact

    • FAQ added to article

    • Low impact

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