Help Center Release Notes - November 2022

What changed in the Help Center last month and what changes were minor/major?

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
Updated over a week ago

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, Qualio releases major and minor changes to features and functionality on a semi-regular basis. Product Release Notes are available within Qualio by clicking the gear icon and viewing Product Changes. Additionally, Quality Users are notified by email of major changes that require a 30-day validation period.

The Qualio Help Center is updated to reflect new features, bug fixes, knowledge gaps, and best practices as features are released. These Help Center Release Notes are provided to Quality Teams as a helpful reference for what has been changed in the Help Center the previous month. While some customers create separate (and detailed) work instructions for their users, we recommend “least burdensome approach” by referencing article URLs.

Each listed item will be ranked with Qualio’s proposed impact on customer documentation. However, customers should carefully consider each item based on their documentation and what they believe needs to be updated or added. Each item will also be flagged as a new article or updated article.



No Impact

No perceived impact to customer documentation.

Low Impact

Low chances that customers have previously documented features, but may need to be clarified.

Moderate Impact

Likely that customers have documented functionality, but changes won’t immediately affect end-users. Potential documentation changes can be logged for next review.

High Impact

Changed or new functionality which immediately impacts end-user experience. Documentation changes should be immediately considered.

    • The entire Training collection was updated and condensed. Other than the new Training Plans feature, training functionality remains the same.

    • Low impact. Customers may have been pointing to an old article for end users on “How to complete training” and will want to update the link in end user training materials to the new article. However traffic to all the old articles are being redirected to the correct new article.

    • No impact. This is a new integration.

  • Template Settings

    • Customers with the new editor can now schedule periodic reviews out to 84 months from the effective date, and can use numbers in document prefixes.

    • Low impact. These changes will not impact existing documents, however customers may want to review document control policies to determine if certain types of documents should default to a longer periodic review.

  • Design Control Requirements

    • Requirements and Testing design elements now include the ability to add attachments. (Does not apply to design elements retrieved from third party integration.)

    • Low impact. This is new functionality and will not change existing design elements. However, if alternate measures were taken to note related materials, this should be reviewed and updated.

    • The entire Events collection has been updated and condensed to coincide with the UI changes.

    • Moderate impact. While the general workflow of events has not changed, we estimate that many customers have documented the events process (with screenshots) for end user materials. These documents will need to be reviewed and updated. However, traffic to the old articles is being redirected to the related new article. We highly recommend customers point to our Help Center articles in their documents for instructions on “how to XYZ” instead of listing out specific step-by-step instructions.

    • The entire User Management collection has been updated and condensed to coincide with the release of the new Admin Role.

    • Moderate impact. Articles were updated to reflect the new workflow that will be released to production accounts in mid-November. Customers that have documented how to add and remove users from Qualio and User Groups will want to review documentation and update as needed. We highly recommend referencing our Help Center documents instead of listing step-by-step instructions in your documentation. Traffic from old articles has been redirected to the related new article.

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